Dangerous Corner – some words on the cast

As the curtain closes on the final night of our performance of J.B. Priestley’s Dangerous Corner, we’d like to thank everyone involved for making it such a memorable and enjoyable experience.  In his latest blog, Patrick Isherwood shines a light on the cast.   One of the attractions of going to see an amateur production, […]

Some thoughts on Dangerous Corner

Our upcoming performance; J.B. Priestley’s Dangerous Corner is often described as a timeless classic.  In his latest blog, Patrick Isherwood contemplates why this story has endured the test of time so successfully as well as some of the not so timeless elements of the play. Some things J.B Priestley’s play Dangerous Corner was first performed […]

And then it was done

And then it was done.  The end of a production always produces mixed feelings. On the one hand there is relief that it is over, that one doesn’t have to worry about forgetting lines or otherwise messing up on stage. On the other there is a sadness at what has been lost, the camaraderie and […]

Things are hotting up as we get closer to the production

Rehearsals for AND THEN THERE WERE NONE began on the 19th November. With the production being scheduled for the second week in February this was already a shorter rehearsal period than we have normally in Little Gaddesden. Although it does put pressure on the cast this is actually a good thing since experience shows that, […]

Here we go again!

On Sunday 1st October auditions were held at Little Gaddesden Village Hall for our upcoming production of ‘And Then There Were None’ one of Agatha Christie’s darkest tales. We had a fantastic turnout with lots of familiar faces as well as some brand-new members trying out for a role for the very first time, one […]

70 years of drama, fun and friendship

The Drama Club’s 70th Anniversary Party on 10 September provided an opportunity to meet up with old friends and also delivered a timely reminder of the comradeship which has been a feature of the club for as long as most of us can remember. It is a sad fact that the group of actors and […]