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21st March 2018, 7.45pm, Little Gaddesden Village Hall Committee Room, Glorious by Peter Quilter

Glorious is a comedy based upon a true story about Florence Foster Jenkins; “the worst singer in the world” in 1940’s New York.  Florence was the performer who everyone wanted to see, an enthusiastic soprano whose pitch was far from perfect….more

18th April 2018, 7.45pm, Little Gaddesden Village Hall Committee Room, Iron by Rona Munro

Iron is an intense psychological drama. Fay is serving a life sentence for murdering her husband with a kitchen knife. She is 15 years into her sentence when Josie, her 25 year old daughter, visits her for the first time….more

May 2018 TBC, Little Gaddesden Village Hall, Jumpers by Tom Stoppard

George is a professor of moral philosophy engaged in lofty debate. Unfortunately, his endeavors are interrupted by an investigation of the all too true rumour that the professor of logic, part of a team of gymnasts, was shot while performing in George’s quarters.

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Formed in 1947, Little Gaddesden Drama Club has staged over 100 productions in the village since then. Shows have varied in style from dramas to comedies, musicals and revues. Performing around twice a year we mostly play to packed houses. More…

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And then it was done

And then it was done.  The end of a production always produces mixed feelings. On the one hand there is relief that it is over, that one doesn’t have to worry about forgetting lines or otherwise messing up on stage. On the other there is a sadness at what has been lost, the camaraderie and […]

Things are hotting up as we get closer to the production

Rehearsals for AND THEN THERE WERE NONE began on the 19th November. With the production being scheduled for the second week in February this was already a shorter rehearsal period than we have normally in Little Gaddesden. Although it does put pressure on the cast this is actually a good thing since experience shows that, […]