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Our next Play Reading via Zoom, Enchanted April by Matthew Barber / Elizabeth von Arnim, is on THURSDAY 26th May at 7.45pm.

If you would like to take part (either to read or just listen) please let me know by SUNDAY May 22nd and I will send you joining instructions.

You will need to be a member of LGDC to take part, so if you’re not already a member please ask about joining.

May 26th – Enchanted April by Matthew Barber / Elizabeth von Arnim

When two proper London housewives decide to rent a castle in Italy for a holiday away from their bleak marriages, they recruit two other, very different English women to share the cost and experience. During their enchanted month in ‘San Salvatore’, the ladies fall under the spell of their idyllic, sun-drenched surroundings. There, amidst the wisteria blossoms, they rediscover laughter, learn new truths about themselves and find just the romance they need, though perhaps not the romance we – or they – expect to find.

Dates For Your Diary

June 23rd – 27 by Abi Morgan
In this new and thoughtful piece, a strange relationship forms between an outspoken nun and the leader of a group of scientists researching ageing and Alzheimer’s in her convent as a group of nuns open their doors, and minds, to some curious academics.

July 28th – Ladies Down Under by Amanda Whittington
In Ladies Down Under, the sequel to Ladies Day, we follow the fortunes of fish packers Pearl, Linda, Jan and Shelley, who won £100,000 each at the races. They decide to take a trip to Australia to live the dream of a lifetime. However these four fearless ladies find there’s more to life than money.

I look forward to seeing you soon

Nan Newberry
01442 843155

why play readings?

Our informal play readings usually take place monthly.  They give as an opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of plays throughout the year, some that we might consider performing or couldn’t perform for various practical reasons, and for us to become characters that we couldn’t possibly be on stage. All without having to learn any lines!

Just come along and enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee, read a part or two, or just listen; you’ll be very welcome, but you will need to let us know you’re coming so we can plan the distribution of parts and you’ll need to pay the modest subscription to join LGDC.  For more information please contact me, Nan Newberry, on 01442 843155 or at

Nan Newberry
01442 843155