Past Productions

Revue 20/20 Poster

2020 – The Gaddesden Revue 20/20

Revues have always been popular with the Little Gaddesden audience and this production reprised and refreshed some of the popular items from earlier revues alongside new material, including some iconic sketches and songs. A cast of over twenty delivered 24 different items that provided an opportunity for our actors to perform to their strengths.

2019 – Thicker than Water

Written and directed by husband and wife team and LGDC’s very own Patrick and Anne Isherwood, Thicker than Water is an unflinching exploration of nature and nurture with plenty of laughs along the way.

2019 – WIXIT!

WIXIT! is the sixth play in the Extraordinary Women series of short plays for radio written by Trisha Wood. In it the ladies of Great Titley Women’s Institute (WI) bow to pressure from one of their members and decide to hold a referendum on whether to leave the National organisation. To the committee’s surprise there is a yes vote (52-48%) which leaves them with some uncomfortable choices. Image credit:

2018 – Dangerous Corner

J.B Priestley’s first play set in the 1930s explores the dangerous turn an evening takes when a chance remark by one of the guests sparks the demand for the truth.

And Then There Were None

2018 – And Then There Were None

Directed by Julie McCarthy, And Then There Were None is one of Agatha Christie’s darkest thrillers which plots the fate of ten guilty strangers trapped on a remote island with at least one murderer amongst them.

Time Warp Revue Little Gaddesden Drama Club

2017 – Time Warp Revue

Directed by Shaun McCarthy and Paul Woods, Little Gaddesden Drama Club’s ‘Time Warp Revue’ celebrated some of the gang’s favourite music and comedy sketches from the vaults of time.

2015 – Elected to Kill

A political murder mystery written by club member Patrick Isherwood has a large cast playing Ministers, MPs and some of the most inept policemen imaginable.  So inept, in fact, that the audience is asked to vote for who they think committed the dastardly deed and how it was done.