Some thoughts on Dangerous Corner

Our upcoming performance; J.B. Priestley’s Dangerous Corner is often described as a timeless classic.  In his latest blog, Patrick Isherwood contemplates why this story has endured the test of time so successfully as well as some of the not so timeless elements of the play. Some things J.B Priestley’s play Dangerous Corner was first performed […]

Why do we do it?

The worst time in any production for an actor is the time spent in the wings either waiting for the curtain to go up at the beginning of the play or preparing for his first entrance. It is at times like this that you question why you are here.  Why put yourself through this ordeal […]

Actually, the revue’s the thing

The club’s next production in January 2017 will be a Revue.  Sketch-based shows have been popular with our audience for many years although this will be the first one we have done since 2011. An important ingredient over the years has been to seat the audience at tables rather than in rows. There are many […]